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Expérience Béarn
2 bis D936
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Expérience Béarn

Mountain guide. White water sports. Trekking at your own pace in complete safety: 1 day, or 2 to 3 days returning to base camp each evening or not, one week trekking in the mountains and winter outings (snowshoes). A different way to shoot the rapids. Rafting, canoraft, swimming down the rapids, kayaking, half-day, full day or 2 to 3 days (with accommodation in a 12th century house). Fun activities to relax and enjoy yourself

  • Qualité Tourisme
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Basic price - 20,00€
Basic price - 25,00€
Basic price - 30,00€
Basic price - 20,00€
Basic price - 20,00€
Basic price - 17,00€
Discounted rate - 14,00€
Discounted rate - 9,00€
Basic price - 13,00€
Discounted rate - 10,00€

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