The Lake

The Lake, incredible nature

The Hossegor lake was formed by a capricious river straying from its course and then made famous by writers, and is one of the treasures of the Côte d’argent – an asset that is vital for the town.

It is subject to tides and is constantly in movement. It breathes in time to the ocean, the seasons
and fashions… and gives shelter to vast and varied lifeforms. A preservation area, simple and
genuine, that leaves a sweet imprint in the depth of one’s soul…

When the river Adour had at last been re-channelled and was flowing down its final course, the river left a string of coastal lakes in its wake. The largest is the one in Hossegor. It is 1578 and, at the time, only a few fishermen and hunters break the silence around this pond edged with gorse and covered with water-lilies. In the middle of the XIXth century, Napoleon III, on a trip to the coast of Les
Landes, decides to connect the pond to the sea to avoid silting and thus create “ the Capbreton port's tidal basin ”. Almost as soon as it is opened to the sea, the pond increases in size and its ecosystem is converted into one of unbelievable richness: marine plants, shell fish, sea bass, plaice, sea bream, grey mullet, goby, eel… 99 hectares of abundant food that attracts a number of species of birds such as the ash heron, the large cormorant, wood cock, egret, sea-mews and sea-gulls… Modest artisans also live off this natural reserve by farming oysters, seaweed and shellfish. In 1878 the first farming concession is accorded and oyster parks quickly flourish all around the lake, a supplementary tourist attraction for this remarkable site. Sumptuous villas are built on the shores, each surrounded by pines, centuries’ old cork trees, hedges, strawberry trees and mimosas. The harmony of the architecture only adds to the magic of the place. The site now offers numerous leisure activities such as water skiing, sailing, fishing and rambling. In summer it is more lively and its five beaches attract
bathers: Les Chênes-Lièges, the beaches “Blanche”, “Hortensias”, “Rey, and “Parc”. All are supervised by the holiday clubs, play areas and nautical clubs.
With its restaurants, hotels, snackbars, its little benches and the honeysuckle perfumed sand track, this natural ocean pearl is a place of eternal vacation.

Ideas for exploration

- Jog around the lake (6 km)

- Taste the oysters at the end of the lake

- Initiation in skim board

Stand up paddle