The forest

Natural and Essential

Its most important treasure is its natural environment. One third of its surface area is made up of forest. In order to prreserve the rare priviledge that we enjoy, we therefore look after it and tend it.

It is thanks to the work of man and not just to nature that Les Landes has become the largest forest in Europe, a genuine breath of fresh air for our country. In the XIXth century and following the orders of Napoleon III the deserted marshlands were taken over by an ocean of pine trees. The marshes were drained and from then on the pine tree was cultivated. Since then the forest has played an important role in the economy, first of all with the tapping of the resin, then with the lumber industry. It is furthermore alone in exploiting all the different sectors of the lumber industry: seeds, nurseries, wood for artisans, the manufacture of finished products (rafters, joinery, panels, packaging) and paper. And contrary to all the other major countries that produce lumber, here the owners of the forest are not industrialists, but foresters – and they own 90% of the forest.

The forest of Hossegor is made up of four main varieties – mostly the pine tree, but also the common oak, the cork tree and the strawberry tree – and is not lacking in charm. The resort plays on the reputation of the forest – majestic and hospitable. The main characteristic of this garden-city is that it has preserved its natural heritage and created a town in the forest. Furthermore a wide spread programme ensures its preservation and its exploitation. Hossegor’s objective in fact is long term development of the territory: it encourages forestry, by promoting in particular all the different outlets for lumber plus the observation of forest life along a “discovery” path. The town invites everyone to adventure into the part of the forest of Hossegor that is cultivated and where a number of activities take place – such as sowing, clearing, cutting, etc. Starting from Maison Hargous, all one has to do is follow the network of pedestrian paths that wind into the forest. So the town openly invites everyone to adventure out into the forest-farm of Hossegor, where numerous activities take place, such as sowing, clearing, cutting etc. One way to make the ramblers aware that they are mostly on private land and that they should respect it.
Hossegor, land of contrasts and character, that models and shapes its natural heritage. The story of a human adventure that is not yet over…

Useful information:

Découvrez la forêt Landaise avec l’expert forestier Pierre Dussain - visite gratuite - tous les vendredis de juillet et août - inscription obligatoire à l’office de tourisme

Explore the forest of les Landes with forester Pierre Dussain - free tour - every Friday through July and August - sign up at the tourist office (obligatory)