The beaches

7 kms of beach lie between the lake and the ocean.

The Hossegor beaches are renowned for their cleanliness - they are Immaculate, free of any blemish and the sand is sifted every morning.

Is there any thing more agreeable in the summer than these endless oceans of sand? … But, with the waste brought in from the sea and that of unscrupulous holiday makers, what would be the state of these beaches if it weren´t for the intervention of a specialist service?… For the Town of Hossegor works relentlessy in order to offer its residents these beautiful beaches, doubling its efforts during the summer season. From 6 a.m. and until the arrival of the first bathers, a special machine collects bottle tops, plastics and paper of all kinds that are are just under the top sand. Fine sand and clean water - daily analyses confirm that the beaches in Hossegor have nothing to envy over the Pacific islands - this is paradise.

Infos pratiques :

7 ams of beaches between the lake and the ocean.
Life savers (MNS) keep the beaches under surveillance from May to October.

Consult the colours of the flags:

First Aid centres -

At the ocean:

South beach (Point d'Or):
05 58 43 53 58
North Beach (bvd de la Dune naturiste):
05 58 43 51 69
la Gravière (bvd de la dune):
05 58 43 97 24
Central beach (Place des Landais):
05 58 43 53 58

On the lake
Plage Blanche : 05 58 43 63 05
Plage du Rey : 05 58 43 76 27
Plage du Parc : 05 58 43 52 75
Plage des Chênes Lièges : 05 58 43 94 67

Beach access -

The south beach (ocean) and one beach on the lake ("Plage Blanche") are disabled friendly.

A Tiralo is available :
- at the ocean ("Plage Sud") during all the summer season
- at the lake from July 4th to August 23rd ("Plage Blanche") and from June 13th to July 3rd then, from August 23rd to September 13th ("Plage des Chênes-lièges").

The Tiralo is a sport utility vehicle that allows persons with limited mobility to access the beaches and bathe in complete safety.