San Sebastian, Irun, Zuggaramurdi, Lesaka all less than an hour away


Hossegor is only one hour away from the most star spangled town in the world! Donostia (Saint Sebastian in Basque) bosts the 6th and 8th best restaurants in the world - Mugaritz and Arazac. (http://www.theworlds50best.com/list/1-50-winners). There is also the "Casco viejo": stroll casually through the roads in the old town, either on foot or by bicycle, and sample the "pintxos" (Basque tapas).

Some good addresses for sampling Spanish food:

LA CEPA : www.barlacepa.com
CIDRERIE : www.sidreriasanbartolome.com

The town also has its cultural side and has a number of museums and art galleries … there is always something to do: sport, shows, walks, shopping …there's no risk you'll be bored.


20 minutes away from Saint Sebastian and Biarritz, and one hour from Pamplona, Irun is a town charged with history. Come and discover the traces of numerous wars and many festivals and cultural sites. The day will pass pleasantly walking through the shopping centres and sampling delicious Spanish dishes.


This enchanting village is perched on the side of the mountain. The charm of the village is enhanced by the sobriety of the old houses that surround the Church of the Assumption. Near to the village is the Zuggarrmurdi grotto, famous for having been the scene of witches' covens. They're just waiting for you!
Source : www.turismo.navarra.es


Surrounded by mountains and on either side of the river Onin, Lesaka is a town with old world charm. With its old buildings and its town centre boasting many old houses, Lesaka is an enchanting town.

Quelques bonnes adresses : www.kasinolesaka.com


Bilbao is a dynamic modern town with a number of ongoing architectural projects and a new infrastructure. Visit the famous Guggenhim museum, the congress and music palace Euskalduna