The Ferias

Festivals for children and adults alike

festivals for children and adults alike

Ferias are local festivals that take place each year in Spain and in the south of France. Typically, there are road side shows and bull racing and are accompanied by road orchestras called "bandas". This excitement carries on non-stop day and night, the festival is at its peak. These ferias are notable for their laid back atmosphere and also for the colour of the clothing all the participants wear: mostly red and white. Each year between 60 000 and 80 000 people take part!

Here are the dates of the ferias around Hossegor: Take note that shuttles leave the town centre for the San Fermin festivals(Pamplona) and for Bayonne allowing you to totally enjoy the party
Come and take part in traditional basco-landais festivals and have a memorable evening.

Useful information:

Dates of the festivals:
San Fermin Pamplona : Du 6 au 15 Juillet 2015
Saint Vincent de Tyrosse : Du 17 au 21 Juillet 2015
Les fêtes de la Madeleine Mont de Marsan: Du 22 au 26 juillet
Du 29 juillet au 2 août 2015.
Dax : Toros Y Salsa : 11,12 et 13 septembre.

*Full information on the shuttles is available at:
- www.fetes.bayonne.fr/venir-aux-fetes/169-transport.html
- www.lesbusdesferias.com/