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PréhistoSite de Brassempouy
404, rue du Musée
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PréhistoSite de Brassempouy

If you visit Chalosse, in the south of Landes, you will certainly have come across, or heard of, Brassempouy. In this village overlooking the Chalosse countryside, The Lady with the Hood, the most precious symbolic female figure of the Prehistoric era, was discovered in the “Grotte du Pape” in 1894. This miniature, 3.45cm high, sculpted from mammoth ivory will move you, the portrait of an expressive yet mysterious 25000 year old face, framed by a hairstyle of geometric shapes.

Accompanied by life-size reproductions of two other figurines, of the 9 found at the archaeological site, a statue inspired by this face tops the strange pyramid which houses the House of the Lady with the Hood. In this museum area, find the environment (landscape, fauna and vegetation) and the daily life of pre-historic man, the mineral materials used (flint, ochre, talc…) And how they are used. Admire the objects found here, bones carved into animals or engraved, personal artefacts… Enthusiastic guides will accompany you on this journey through time.

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