Marcel Travel Posters

Rehabilitating travel posters

Marcel Travel Posters Hossegor
Marcel Travel Posters Hossegor
Marcel Travel Posters Hossegor
219 Avenue Pedebert Parc d'Activités Pédebert
Tel: Website
Marcel Travel Posters

Marcel is both the first name of Jessy’s grandfather and a vintage first name that perfectly corresponds to Julien’s project: to rehabilitate the travel posters. In 2015, he embarked on the Marcel Travel Posters adventure. Marcel has grown and the team has now 6 people.
Printed locally, the posters are available in 3 formats: postcard 2€, 30x40 cm 19€ and 50x70 cm 25€.

You can discover their collection in their workshop located at the Parc d'Activités Pédebert.


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