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Grottes de Bétharram

Chem. des Grottes | 65270 Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre | See on the map
Tel. | FAX
www.betharram.comTo contact Grottes de Bétharram

Betharram caves.

Grottes de Sare

Route des Grottes | 64310 Sare | See on the map
www.grottesdesare.frTo contact Grottes de Sare

The Basque people's origin and mythology.

Grottes d'Isturitz et d'Oxocelhaya ®

A64 Sortie 3 Ou 4 | 64640 Saint-Martin-d'Arberoue | See on the map
www.grottes-isturitz.comTo contact Grottes d'Isturitz et d'Oxocelhaya ®

Open all days from March, 15th until November, 15th.

Open all year round upon appointment for the groups.

Archaeological and geological heritage. 45 minutes away from Hossegor, in the basque Country. Symbolic prehistoric site in the South of Europe. Caves containing prehistoric carvings. Limestone concretions. Unforgettable sight, mineral jewel, cathedral of the time, an amazing world. Guided tours.

La Maison Basque de Sare Ortillopitz

La Maison Basque de Sare Ortillopitz

Col de Saint-Ignace | à 11 km de Saint Jean de Luz | 64310 Sare | See on the map
www.ortillopitz.comTo contact La Maison Basque de Sare Ortillopitz

Open daily from April 1 to October 26, except Saturday.

To understand the Basque Country, this unique historic house from the 17th to be discovered...

La Pinède des Singes

Route d'Yrieux | 40530 Labenne | See on the map
www.pinede-des-singes.comTo contact La Pinède des Singes

Visit The Pine forest of the Monkeys. Enter their world...Educational route.

La Villa Arnaga

Route du Docteur Camino | 64250 Cambo-les-Bains | See on the map
Tel. | FAX
www.arnaga.comTo contact La Villa Arnaga

Open every day from April to October.

"A poem enshrined in stone and vegetation, listed as an Ancient Monument. The author of Cyrano de Berderac set his dream in a green bower of lush vegetation.

Landes Évasion

70, Av. de Pascouaou | 40150 Soorts-Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. | FAX | To contact Landes Évasion

Bus excursions.

Les Vignes de Capbreton - Producteur de Vin

Domaine de la Pointe | 40130 Capbreton | See on the map
Tel. | | FAX
www.vindesdunes.comTo contact Les Vignes de Capbreton - Producteur de Vin

Wine producer.


Quai de la Pêcherie | Résidence du Granf Pavois (face au Ponton "S") | 40130 Capbreton | See on the map
Tel. |
www.mobilboard.comTo contact Mobilboard

The oficial network of Segway renting. Segway tours by reservation on from 9 am to 10 pm seven days a week.

Musée de la Mer Aquarium de Biarritz

Esplanade du Rocher de la Vierge | 64200 Biarritz | See on the map
www.museedelamer.comTo contact Musée de la Mer Aquarium de Biarritz

Open all year round.

Tickets at the tourist office (preferental prices).

NEW: AUDIOGUIDES in French, german, spanish and basque. Aquariums more than 150 species of fish and invertebrates of the bay of Biscay.

Underwater viewing of the seals in their own surroundings. Feeding time every day at 10:30 am and 5:00 pm. The undeground cave of the sharks: unexpectedly face to face with sharks of different species.

The collections: the cetaceans (gigantic skeletons and moulds), diferent fishing techniques...

Poterie des Pins Tranquilles

77, Allée des Pins Tranquilles | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
poterie.yvonne.tison.monsite-orange.frTo contact Poterie des Pins Tranquilles

Decoration, lamps, sculpture, pottery courses.

RDTL Voyages

99, Rue Pierre Benoît | 40004 Mont de Marsan Cedex | See on the map
Tel. | FAX
www.rdtl.frTo contact RDTL Voyages


16, Av. Charles de Gaulle | 40530 Labenne | See on the map
www.reptilarium.frTo contact Reptilarium

Verre Atlantique

414, Rue de la Gare | 40140 Magescq | See on the map
www.xaviercarrère.comTo contact Verre Atlantique

Open: 10:00/12:30 -14:30/19:00 Tuesday to Saturday

Season: 10:00/12:30 -14:30/19:00 in July and August every day

January / February : annual closure

In this space dedicated to the glass, discover the magic of a glass blower.

XCAT' Balades en mer

Port | 40130 Capbreton | See on the map
www.xcat.frTo contact XCAT' Balades en mer

Boat Trip – Surf Trip

Zoo de Labenne

Av. de l'Océan | 40530 Labenne | See on the map
www.zoo-labenne.comTo contact Zoo de Labenne

A family outing to the ZOO. Fantastic experience, emotions guaranteed, more than 200 animals (zebras, lemurs...) in over 12 acres of beautiful woodland in the heart of the Landes forest, just two steps from the Atlantic Ocean.

Cité de l'Océan

Av. de la Plage. | La Milady | 64200 Biarritz | See on the map

Ecomusée de Marquèze

Route de la Gare | 40630 Sabres | See on the map
www.parc-landes-de-gascogne.frTo contact Ecomusée de Marquèze

Open every day from 31st of march until 29 th September 2013.

An original break for families! Live a unique experience in the Landes days of old. Take a breath at Marquèze open air museum a place of discoveries and entertainment, (available free guided tour, restaurant and pic nic area).

Ferme "Luheyte" - Jean-Jacques Lamothe

Chemin Belloc de Bas | 40390 St Laurent-de-Gosse | See on the map
Tel. | To contact Ferme "Luheyte" - Jean-Jacques Lamothe

Visiting with a breeder of ducks. He will show you the farm and the production of foie-gras.

Gorges de Kakuetta

Gorges de Kakuetta

Mairie | 64560 Sainte-Engrace | See on the map
Tel. | FAX
www.sainte-engrace.comTo contact Gorges de Kakuetta

Kakuetta gorges.

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