SARL Lafourcade Assainissement

148, Av. des Sabotiers | 40150 Soorts-Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. | FAX | To contact SARL Lafourcade Assainissement

Building/draining firm.


117 Av Pascouaou | Z.A. Pédebert | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. | FAX | To contact Soubestre

The Soubestre firm is set up in Soorts-Hossegor (40) since 20'.

Its main activity is the road and excavation works draining industrial or leisure platforms. Its competent satff and its modern material stock for public building sites (State, department, towns..), private works(manufacturers, campsites, golfs...) or individuals.

Tison & Gaillet

Av. des Charpentiers | Z.A. Pédebert | BP 106 | 40150 Soorts-Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. | FAX
www.tisonetgaillet.comTo contact Tison & Gaillet

General building company set up since 1931.

Villas Batimo

642, Av. du Touring-Club | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
www.batimo.frTo contact Villas Batimo

Nice, comfortable and intelligent...houses and a large choise of sites for sale.

Personalized plans.

Traditional constructio "plus".

Solar energy/geometrical science renovation.

Action Élagage Nature

10, Z.A. de Laubian | 40510 Seignosse | See on the map
Tel. | FAX
www.aen-elagage.frTo contact Action Élagage Nature

You need a holder of a Sate diploma on a tree, pruning, dangerous felling, taking down on retention, clearing.

Agencement Côte Ouest

421, Av. de Pascouaou | Parc d'Activités Pédebert | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. |
www.espaceprive.frTo contact Agencement Côte Ouest

Furniture - Cloth- Carpets

Ligne Roset -Magis - Moroso - Foscarini - Tissus Designers Guild - Nobilis Missoni


Kitchens - Dressing rooms - Bookcases - Custom Furniture

Bachacou Plomberie Chauffage S.A.V.

48, Av. Paul Margueritte | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. | FAX | To contact Bachacou Plomberie Chauffage S.A.V.

Heating, bathroom, zinc, air conditioning.

Breakddown and maintenance 6 days/7.

Bailleux Architecte

28 Allée Pasteur | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. |
www.sebastien-bailleux.frTo contact Bailleux Architecte

Architect. New, renovation, redesign.

CIRD, dépannage à domicile, ramonage, chauffeau électrique.

47, Av. d'Agen | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. |
www.cird-depannage.frTo contact CIRD, dépannage à domicile, ramonage, chauffeau électrique.

Various breakdown at home, sweeping, plumbing, locks, roof cleaning.

Électricité 40

95, Rue des Barthes | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. |
www.electricite40.frTo contact Électricité 40

Electricity, renovation, home automation, solar.

Hossegor Cuisines

245, Route de la Tuilerie | Parc d'activité de Pédebert | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. |
www.hossegor-cuisines.comTo contact Hossegor Cuisines

Kitchens, bathrooms, dressing.

Hossegor Vacances Tranquilles

70, Rue Lingaillat | 40150 Soorts-Hossegor | See on the map
www.hossegor-vacances-tranquilles.comTo contact Hossegor Vacances Tranquilles

Earthenware, tiling, housework, electricity, visit of your house after bad weather.

Jean Carrère SARL Peinture

18, Lotissement des Tucs | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. | FAX | To contact Jean Carrère SARL Peinture


LB Création

127, Av. Serge Barranx | Place du marché | 40150 Hossegor
www.lbcreation-hossegor.frTo contact LB Création

Construction of individual houses - Renovation

NeoNergies 40

16, Rue Paul Marguerite | 40130 Capbreton | See on the map
www.neonergies.frTo contact NeoNergies 40

- Heat pump

- Heating / solar warm water

- Solar photovoltaic, wood heating

- VMC turbofan, air conditioning

OG Atelier - Plonka Surfboards

Z.A. les Deux Pins | 4 rue Pitey | 40130 Capbreton | See on the map
Tel. |
www.plonkasurfboards.comTo contact OG Atelier - Plonka Surfboards

OG-Atelier produces PLONKA surfboards : stock surfboards, custom orders and designs with a touch of quality to detail. In order to appreciate our products, OG-Atelier has put in place a RTC - Ride Test Center. OG-Atelier provides a RSC - Repair Surfboards Clinic - services in 48 hours.

SARL Élagage Albert Minjoulet

859, Route de la Tuilerie | 40150 Hossegor | See on the map
Tel. | FAX

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